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free svg files for your personal printing, cutting and design needs

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Your purchases from EchoiaDesign on Etsy help keep and running. Purchase is required for use of my designs on anything you plan to sell. However, I do still have to pay to run these ‘free’ sites- so any purchases you make are greatly appreciated and go toward renewing the domain names and paying the hosting bills.

They also make me feel really good as a human being and result in me designing even more files for freebies <3

This is a sampling, but there are more files in my shop!
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shopAmazon Picks

Unleash your own creativity with the right tools for the job.

For decades I was a desktop-pc only girl- until I was gifted a Microsoft Surface Pro*. It changed my creative life! The Surface Pro* + The Surface Pen* with Adobe Illustrator are a dream team. I also added an inexpensive wireless mouse from Amazon for more versatility still.

For a more affordable option, I love the iPad 2018*. It’s the most affordable Apple product that works with the Apple Pencil*. I own the 128 gig version and enjoy Adobe Draw from the App store (free!).

And when I want to bring my creations to life, I turn to my Silhouette Cameo*.